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Children's Rock & Roll Music Program
with original music from
Jack's Big Music Show        732-693-1147 

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Hello Family and Friends of Miss Melissa's Aardvarks

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Miss Melissa's Aardvarks is a unique blend of contemporary rock and roll music for kids coupled with classic teaching techniques to create an experience unlike any in children's music before.

At Miss Melissa's Aardvarks, children sing, dance, rock, and jam to music from Music for Aardvarks and Other Mammals, a music program for parents, and their little ones, with music from
Jack's Big Music Show on Nickelodeon's Noggin Network.

Miss Melissa's Aardvarks is now offering
Online class packages with daily drop-ins and
Semi-private home classes (indoor/outdoor)

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Text Melissa - 732-693-1147 (limited availability)

Socially distanced group classes (see registration page for all)

Online Makeup: Any makeups can be made online virtually during the duration of the class. You may not do any makeups after the last day of your virtual package.

In Case of Government Shutdown: All classes will continue virtually for the duration. No refunds will be given; however, if you have registered for group classes, you will be allowed unlimited weekly classes until your package has been completed.


Click here for Required COVID-19 Waiver

Our business is following enhanced procedures to prevent the spread of COVID 19.

All instruments will be cleaned prior to class during class and after class. Each family will get their own set of instruments in a cleaned box for the duration of class. Each family will be given cleaning sprays and hand wipes to clean their own instruments. Instruments will not be used a second time that day instead freshly cleaned instruments will be used and then cleaned to CDC guidelines.

All teachers will wear shields and we ask all parents to wear masks until further notice.

It is the parent's discretion for their children to wear masks. Children wearing masks is optional.

If class is held inside, all facilities will be cleaned before and after each class.


Miss Melissa's Aardvarks - Melissa Chill, Owner / Director

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